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148/5 in 20.0
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142/8 in 20.0
National Cricket Ground - Kerava, Finland
Cricket Betting Tips won by 6 runs

Cricket Betting Prediction

Cricket Club To Win the Match, 2.63
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  • Cricket has one win to its name while Cricket has lost the only match it has played
  • ECC's batting appears to be a bit weak
  • GHC played good cricket in its opening match and could win this contest against ECC
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  • TournamentFinnish Premier League 2021
  • DateJun 09, 2021
  • FormatT20
  • VenueNational Cricket Ground, Kerava, Finland
  • Time15:00
  • WeatherBroken Clouds, 71% Humidity, 16.33℃

ECC vs GHC Live Score

  • Toss: Cricket Betting Tips(Batting)
  • Man of the Match: Naveed Shahid

Cricket Betting Tips

Richard Savage 5 4 0 0 125.00
Shoaib Qureshi 39 24 4 0 162.50
Zeerak Ijaz 7 5 1 0 140.00
Vanraaj Padhaal 55 57 5 0 96.49
Jonathan Scamans 21 23 1 0 91.30
Yasir Ali 5 8 0 0 62.50
Sohail Amin 4.0 0 37 1 9.25
Kashif Muhammad 4.0 0 19 1 4.75
Rizwan Ali 2.0 0 20 0 10.00
Naveed Shahid 4.0 0 25 1 6.25
Muhammad Ziaur Rehman 3.0 0 23 1 7.67
Iatazaz Hussain 3.0 0 21 0 7.00

Greater Cricket Club

Gulfam Nazir 21 22 1 0 95.45
Asad Ijaz 12 16 2 0 75.00
Sohail Amin 2 2 0 0 100.00
Kashif Muhammad 0 1 0 0 0.00
Adnan Ahmad 2 5 0 0 40.00
Abdullah Attiqe 22 18 0 1 122.22
Rizwan Ali 2 2 0 0 100.00
Naveed Shahid 50 29 6 1 172.41
Muhammad Ziaur Rehman 4 8 0 0 50.00
Choudhary Shahzad Shabbir 15 17 0 1 88.24
Abdul Ghafar 4.0 0 19 2 4.75
Muhammad Imran 4.0 0 35 1 8.75
Shoaib Qureshi 4.0 0 42 0 10.50
Kushagra Bhatnagar 4.0 0 22 1 5.50
Raaz Mohammad 4.0 0 19 2 4.75

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Team Previews

Cricket Betting Tips

Cricket Betting Tipsis not in the best of form coming into this match. They did manage to win against BTC earlier this week but lost both their scheduled T10 matches. The same players played those matches and even though there was some shifting around in the batting order, we could glean some important information from those results.

Jonathan Scamans is the most important batsman for ECC in this upcoming match. He top-scored with 38 in the previous match as well and held the side together. Vanraaj Padhaal is the other big hope in the batting department and will need to step it up for ECC.

Around these two, though, the batting is pretty weak. A couple of early wickets or some injudicious shots could cause a complete batting collapse.

Mahesh Tambe came up the order in the T10 matches and got some runs which is something that ECC will be happy about. He is a useful all-rounder at his best. Tambe took three wickets in the win against BTC and was well supported by Amjad Sher, Muhammad Imran, and Abdul Ghafar.

Cricket Betting Tips Playing 11

Jonathan Scamans, Zeerak Ijaz, Muhammad Imran, Yasir Ali, Richard Savage, Vanraaj Padhaal, Raaz Mohammad, Ravi Kumar, Shoaib Qureshi, Abdul Ghafar, Kushagra Bhatnagar.

Greater Helsinki Cricket Club

GHC came up against a tough team to beat in its first match. It did not play badly but still ended up being way short of where it needed to be against SKK Stadin. GHC made 132 in that match, just over par for the surface, but it could not defend that total in a rain-affected match.

Ziaur Rehman was unbeaten on 55 from 48 deliveries. His strike rate could do with some improvement especially if he is going to play for the majority of the inning. Ghulfam Nazir made 30 off just 20 deliveries and added some impetus to the inning.

Sohail Amin, Asad Ijaz, and Abdullah Attique can all contribute with the bat as well.

The difference in batting strength is not that much.

Naveed Shahid picked up three wickets in that match and was by far the pick of the bowlers. Sohail Amin, Kashif Muhammad, and Iatazaaz Hussain were unable to keep the run-scoring down otherwise GHC could have easily come away with a win.

Greater Helsinki Cricket Club Playing 11

Abdullah Attiqe, Choudhary Shahzad Shabbir, Gulfam Nazir, Adnan Ahmad, Asad Ijaz, Muhammad Ziaur Rehman, Rizwan Ali, Kashif Muhammad, Naveed Shahid, Iatazaz Hussain, Sohail Amin.

Cricket Betting Tips Toss Prediction

The team that wins the toss is going to want to bat first unless the rain is sure to come down.

Read our guide on toss predictions to learn how we analyze and come up with our tips.

Pitch and Conditions

The weather is expected to be much better for this match than others. There are some clouds forecast to be around but they will hopefully not bring rain with them. The pitch will continue to offer assistance to the bowlers.

The outfield is a bit sluggish as well and will make it difficult for the batsmen to get quick runs. Anything over 130 is going to be a tough score to chase down.

Cricket Betting Tips Betting Tips

ECC may have started its Finnish T20 2021 campaign with a win but there is a big question mark on its batting abilities. We think GHC played better cricket in its game against SKK Stadin.

Bet on GHC to win.

Cricket Betting Tips

Greater Helsinki Cricket Club To Win the Match, 2.63

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Who will win ECC vs GHC?

Empire Cricket Club 50.6% (234)
Greater Helsinki Cricket Club 49.4% (228)
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Ecc vs Hgc match ka field batting pitch hai ya bowling pitch
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Shailendra Kumar ver
Ecc player are the best players and ghc players the best players. Both. Team. Congratulations. And all. The. Best
2021-06-09 11:56:09
Live production dete rahna
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